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Frequently Asked Questions

How would I apply to be on your roster?Click here (or on the "How to Apply" link on the navigation bar above) for submission instructions.  Please note that submitting for representation does not guarantee a spot on the roster. Phone calls regarding representation are not accepted. Voice messages will not be returned. 

Do you charge any fees?No, I don’t charge any fees.  However, getting yourself ready for your agent to work for you does involve some fees that your agent does not make money from.  Such as professional pictures and Casting Workbook.

Do I need professional pictures?Yes.  Your picture (head shot) is an actor's business card and an important marketing tool.  Without proper head shots done by a reputable industry photographer, will greatly reduce your chances of getting an audition. If you already have recent pictures taken by an industry photographer, you likely won't have to have more taken.​

My brother in-law, neighbour, friend is a photographer.  Can they take my pictures?Everyone understands the desire to save money but in my experience when this route is taken, the pictures end up looking very amateur and doesn't serve the actor's best interests at all.  The best course of action is to have your pictures done with a photographer your agent recommends.  If you're going to do this, do it right!

​What are your commission rates?10% for theatre.  15% for commercials, film, television and voice over.  20% for print.

​Are you also a modeling agent?No, just acting.  I do handle commercial print work but not high fashion or catalogues

Do you represent children?Yes but only over the age of five.​  For more information on how to get your child into the acting business, visit ACTRA Toronto’s website.

If my child signs with you, will he or she have to miss school?By law, auditions for children are after 3 p.m. during the school year.  During the summer, auditions can happen at any time.  If your child books a job, there is a possibility of a missed school day.

If I sign with you, am I locked into a contract?No but you do have to give me 60 days notice.​

Can I still accept community theatre work on my own?Yes but keep in mind that theatre is a longer commitment that also involves rehearsals. Such a schedule will likely conflict with auditions because it makes you less available to your agent.  ​If it happens too frequently, it can be a problem.

Can I still pursue acting and have a full time job?All auditions take place during the day so unless you have a really easy going boss, the answer would be no. I require a very flexible schedule and it’s also not professional to make a habit of asking casting directors for a time change or turning auditions down because you are at work.  If your schedule can’t flexibly accommodate auditions, it’s best to wait when it can.

I only have a few student films and drama classes from high school on my resume.  Can you help get me a lead part in a feature film or a series lead in a new television show?Acting, like any other profession, requires you to prove yourself and to work from the bottom up.  A casting director isn’t likely to see you if you don’t have a strong resume.  Be realistic about what you can audition for and most importantly, be patient!!!  Nothing happens over night and you won't be right for every part.  Your acting ability also plays a big part in what you can be submitted to by your agent.

If I get an audition, do I have a choice whether to go or not?All auditions must be attended.  Unless something serious has happened, I expect my clients to go.  A missed audition doesn’t look good on the actor missing it, the agency you represent and it’s a chance at work and money lost.  I assume all my clients are available unless they tell me otherwise.  So please make sure to tell your agent if you're planning a vacation or any other reason that you need to book out.

What is Casting Workbook and do I have to be on it?Casting Workbook is an online submission service and web site.  Casting directors post their breakdowns online using Casting Workbook and agents submit their clients electronically through this service.  All my clients have to be on Casting Workbook in order for me to do my job properly for them.  There is a fee to be on Casting Workbook that the actor pays.  For more info, visit www.castingworkbook.com.

​What is Breakdown Express/Actor Access?Breakdown Express is another website where casting directors post their breakdowns so agents can submit their clients.  Actor Access is the actor's version of Breakdown Express. It is free to sign up and instructions will be given on how to do so.

Do I have to bring my head shot and resume to my audition?At commercial auditions, unless requested by the casting director, you don’t have to.  A snap shot will be taken of you there.  For film and television, it’s a must.  You have to bring it to all film and television auditions.  When in doubt, bring your picture and resume with you.  It's always a good idea to be prepared.

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