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The Porter Group

669 Napa Valley Avenue

Woodbridge, ON L4H 2J1

Ph: 416.238.0026

Email: stephanie@theportergroupagency.com


The preferred method of communication is email.  It’s the best way to reach me and I will respond faster that way.  Thank you for your cooperation.

The preferred method to submit is to record an audition video and email your audition video, picture and resume to apply@theportergroupagency.com.

The audition video can be posted on YouTube or sent by using any file sharing service.  A recent demo reel and class scenes are also accepted.  Please do not attach your video to your email .  

The audition video does not have to be professionally done.  A home video is fine as long as the video and audio are clear.

The video should be two contrasting, contemporary monologues under two minutes each.  The monologues should be from a play and not a film or television show.

All videos will be viewed.  Those selected will be contacted with an offer of representation.

The Porter Group is a green conscious agency.  In order to reduce clutter, save paper and trees, please do not snail mail your video, picture and resume.  

I look forward to seeing your audition video.

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